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Temperature and humidity sensor applied in equipment room temperature and humidity monitoring products

Large data centers, IDC equipment rooms, power distribution cabinets, etc., which have higher requirements for data security, only the monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the equipment room space can not meet the requirements of refined management. In actual applications, it is often found that the temperature and humidity of various points in the equipment room Normal, but can not guarantee the normal operating environment of the internal equipment of the cabinet. The problem of heat dissipation in the internal equipment of the cabinet leads to the widespread hot spots in the cabinet, which is one of the root causes of equipment failure. It is urgent to monitor the temperature and humidity of the equipment room cabinet.

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At present, the management personnel of many computer rooms use 24-hour special duty to regularly inspect the environmental equipment of the computer room. This not only increases the burden on management personnel, but also eliminates faults in time. There is no scientific management of the time and responsibility of the accident. . Therefore, monitoring the temperature and humidity of the equipment room and video monitoring between the equipment room and the server channel are necessary measures. The structure diagram of the temperature and humidity system monitoring recommended in this paper is as follows:


For a large computer room, due to the influence of airflow and equipment distribution, the temperature and humidity values will be greatly different. The number of installed temperature and humidity sensors should be determined according to the actual area of the host room and the actual placement position of the server. Temperature and humidity inside. Through the linkage of the sensor and the industrial computer of the main monitoring room, the real-time display of the temperature and humidity of the equipment room can be realized. When the predetermined value is exceeded, the system will issue an alarm sound to remind the site management personnel; and for future expansion, it can be reserved inside the software. The wireless cat communication interface is provided, and the wireless cat's card slot is reserved on the hardware, so that the short message alarm function needs to be realized in the future.