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Signalchip launches "Made in India" 4G LTE and 5G NR Modem chipsets

After eight years of research and development, Bangalore-based Signalchip finally launched its first 4G/LTE and 5G NR modem chipset in India. Signalchip Semiconductor Corporation has released SCBM34XX and SCRF34XX/45XX chipsets, codenamed "Agumbe". SCMB3412 is a 4G/LTE single chip modem, including baseband and transceiver.

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SCMB3404 is a 4X4 LTE baseband modem with single chip design. Then the 2X2 LTE transceiver, called SCRF3402, and finally SCRF4502, is a 2X2 transceiver specially manufactured for 5G NR standard.

With India's NAVIC satellite navigation system, all these chips will support the country's satellite positioning. The chipset also covers all LTE and 5G NR bands, up to 6GHz.

These chipsets will help meet the country's growing data needs and will give India some responsibility in global 5G development.

Himamshu Khasnis, founder and CEO of SignalChip, said that India currently has more than 1.1 billion mobile phone users, the highest in the world. Therefore, these chips will help improve the country's network and bring out more 5G related chipsets in the future. Imported chips are currently used in almost all equipment and infrastructure in India. Therefore, the local chipsets produced in the country will help improve communication security and related economic development.