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MCLC has released its latest integrated packaging technology Smart AiP on CSTIC


recently,Zhongxin Changdian Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Zhongxin Changdian) said at the China International Semiconductor Technology Conference (CSTIC 2019) that it had released the world's first ultra-wideband dual-polarized 5G millimeter-wave antenna chip wafer-level integrated packaging Smart Antenna Package (Smart Antenna in Package) technology. Smart AiPTM has the characteristics of high integration, good heat dissipation and concise technology. It can help customers to realize ultra-wideband signal transceiver from 24GHz to 430Hz, ultra-high antenna gain of 12.5 decibels, and ultra-thin thickness requirements for Smartphone terminals. It also has the ability to further realize integrated packaging of RF front-end modules.

In cooperation with the leading antenna scheme provider, Shuobeide Wireless Technology Co., Ltd., the 5G millimeter wave antenna module integrated with radio frequency chip has successfully realized the ultra-wideband signal transceiver from 24Hz to 430Hz by using the Smart AiP TM technology of medium core and long-distance power. It provides an important technical scheme to overcome the difficulties of different millimeter wave bands in the promotion of 5G technology in various countries and regions. This cooperation has also successfully demonstrated the technological advantages of SMART AIP TM process platform with ultra-low power consumption. Smart AiPTM technology meets the requirements of 5G millimeter wave antenna and RF, and even the integrated processing of the whole RF front-end module. It will boost the commercial process of 5G millimeter wave. This is an important manifestation of Zhongxin Changdian's original participation in and promotion of 5G millimeter wave technology application through technological innovation. It is of great significance to the development of enterprises and industries in the post-Moore era.

Mr. Lin Zhengzhong, Senior Director of Technological Research and Development of SMLC, said: "This innovative antenna chip integrated packaging structure and technology, which has been granted patent in China and the United States, provides enhanced three-dimensional (3D) integration function through ultra-high vertical copper pillar interconnection, coupled with mature multi-layer double-sided rewiring (RDL) technology of SMLC, combines wafer-level precise multi-layer antenna structure, chip inversion and technology. Surface passive components enable SmartAiP TM to achieve highly integrated modularization and miniaturization of 5G antenna and RF front-end chips. Compared with the existing market solutions, SmartAiP TM meets the requirements of low power consumption, high gain and ultra-thin 5G mobile phones, and the whole process is simpler, which is conducive to production management, and also conducive to customer supply chain optimization.

Cui Dong, Chief Executive Officer of Zhongxin Changdian, said: "The company has taken 3D IC as an important industry direction since its inception. The integrated processing of 5G millimeter wave antenna is the first time that Smart AiP TM 3D-SiP technology platform has been applied in specific market areas. Its unique performance advantages are exciting, and also indicate that the company has taken a solid and important step in the important industry direction of 3D IC. A step. We hope to make use of this innovative technology and work with more partners to improve and promote the application and promotion of 5G millimeter wave technology. The company will also spare no effort to prepare for mass production to meet the growing market demand.