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​Reported that AMD tried to encapsulate CPU and DRAM system memory together

Since AMD has already tried to integrate high bandwidth memory (HBM) into GPU substrates, we are not surprised that AMD stacks dynamic random access memory (DRAM) vertically onto CPU substrates. Foreign media Guru3D recently reported that AMD is trying to incorporate system memory into a single package of processors and will use silicon channels to connect. From the comments of netizens, this technology is expected to shine in the embedded field.


This kind of technology is not new, because we have seen it in HBM2 and 3D NAND flash products for a long time.


Only in the field of processor packaging, no manufacturer has done so before.


Since this is just a packaging design, the new technology will not allow CPU memory performance to improve much.image.png

But in terms of overall energy efficiency, we can still look forward to it.


Intel is said to be doing the same thing on a project codenamed foveros