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5G+AI Realizes the Interconnection of All Things and Safeguards against

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At present, there are two hot areas under the development trend of Internet: 5G and AI, both of which are revolutionary technologies that can change the times. People have never stopped imagining the relationship between 5G and AI. Artificial intelligence technology has attracted attention in various fields. Most of the future vision of wisdom is based on this, and 5G technology determines whether AI technology can be successfully realized.

On March 31, Ma Huateng delivered a keynote speech on "5G and AI Promote Industrial Internet Development" at the IT Leaders Summit of China (Shenzhen) in 2019. He mentioned that 5G can help more AI land, and AI can make 5G more efficient and flexible in use.

In practical applications, AI can help 5G achieve high automation and intellectualization in deployment planning, operation and maintenance; when 5G construction is completed to solve high-speed scene requirements, coupled with edge computing to solve computational constraints, the core bottleneck of the Internet of Things will be broken, ushering in new development; while the development of the Internet of Things will bring a huge amount of data, these data will become training algorithms. Fuel, and big data is the core reason why this round of AI algorithm breaks through the rise of AI tide.

Intelligent security with video surveillance image application as the core is the main application scenario of the Internet of Things, and its combination with 5G and AI technology is also necessary.

According to Li Weixing, vice president of global technology of Qualcomm, with the advent of 5G era, there will be many multi-domain intelligent terminals relying on 5G technology. At the same time, AI will be connected to more devices, which can bring more convenience to our daily life. In the future, all security-related sensors will be interconnected. At present, smart communities, smart homes, smart cities or other new concepts of smart, although still shallow connections, it can be predicted that 5G technology will enable AI security products to land.

Take the edge sensor that needs privacy protection as an example: one of the important reasons why many users are unwilling to install cameras in their homes is that they are worried about privacy leakage. 5G and AI will promote the development of terminal-side intelligence, enabling edge sensors, including cameras, to localize data analysis. Without uploading data to the cloud, users'privacy will be better protected.

It is worth pointing out that the development of 5G and AI will make the development of industrial Internet enter the fast lane, which will continuously reduce the threshold of transformation and upgrading of security industry. Enterprises with core technology and continuous innovation can cross the market cycle, expand their living space and share the big cake of industrial Internet.

Of course, 5G is still in the stage of demonstration, after small-scale pilot introduction, if we want to carry out large-scale and comprehensive promotion, we must first solve the problem of who pays and how to recover the cost; AI is also in the stage of weak intelligence, there are many enterprises in China are more for the hot spot to guide public opinion to do marketing, and there is still a long way to truly study AI. I have to go.

Conclusion: In the future, 5G can help more AI applications to land, while AI can make 5G network more flexible and efficient. Security is only a corner of the huge 5G+AI market, but it is enough to make people realize the importance of 5G and AI technology development to industry and social life. In addition, the deep integration of 5G and AI will bring more changes to life and open a new era of perception, interconnection and intelligence of all things.