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LED glass screen has entered a mature and high-speed development period, where will the LED lamp bar screen go?

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With the progress and development of display technology, people's pursuit of visual perception is getting higher and higher. It also urges the continuous innovation of the form and display form of the LED display screen, and the LED glass screen comes into being at the historic moment. As a rising star of the LED display industry, the LED glass screen has been widely used in the fields of glass curtain wall, stage dancing, outdoor advertisement and new retail with its brand-new display mode, light appearance design, high-end atmosphere of science and technology and excellent permeability. It has entered our field of vision with an eye-catching gesture and quickly occupied a place in the LED display industry. Place of seats.

According to relevant agencies, the market output value of LED glass screen will be about 87.2 billion US dollars by 2025. As a segment market of LED display screen, LED glass screen has brought unprecedented visual experience, brand-new application forms and design concepts close to the needs of the public. It greatly enriches the types and display modes of LED display screen products, at the same time, it also provides more choices and possibilities for customers.

From window to new retail, LED glass screen keeps innovating

Along with the flooding of outdoor advertising LED display, there are a series of negative problems, including urban image. The LED display screen can brighten the city and release information when it works, but when it rests, it seems like a scar of the city. It is incompatible with the surrounding environment, which greatly affects the beauty of the city. With the influence of the national policies such as "city renovation", the LED glass screen is emerging in 2017, and the products of the LED glass screen are fast. Rise. In order to create a new city image, more and more LED glass products appear in every corner of the city. There are LED glass screens in commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S stores, windows and other glass places. At the same time, the indoor LED glass screen is also unwilling to lag behind. With the steady maturity of technology, high-end commercial display, high-tech fields, and even digital dancing and beauty areas are the existing market of LED glass screen. In addition, in the application of new retail scenarios, the LED glass screen has novel and unique display effect. The screen is suspended on the glass curtain wall, which saves more than 30% energy than the conventional LED display screen, greatly reduces light pollution and energy consumption, and opens up a road to play new retail.

In addition to the continuous development and innovation in application scenarios, the LED glass screen has incomparable advantages over the traditional outdoor LED display screen. The LED glass screen not only integrates all the advantages of the conventional outdoor LED display screen, but also eliminates the city aesthetic problems to the greatest extent. It is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall, even when it does not work in the daytime, it will not cause any harm to the surrounding environment. Influence. At the same time, because it takes a new form of outdoor communication of indoor advertising, it evades the approval of outdoor advertising very well. As a result, it has won unanimous recognition in the market and has been widely concerned and popular.

New Advantages Subvert Traditional LED Bar Screen

In fact, according to generations, LED strip screen can be called "the mother of glass screen", which is one of the earliest developed and emerging products in the field of outdoor advertising. LED glass screen is an innovative product based on LED strip screen, but as the "mother of glass screen", LED strip screen has gradually fallen into embarrassment today when LED glass screen shines brilliantly. In this situation, the traditional application scenarios of LED strip screen have been eroded and annexed by the LED glass screen. The main reason is that the technology innovation is too slow and the application scenario has not made a big breakthrough.

Although the LED lamp bars display a strong edge on the landmark buildings in the early years, in recent years, the outdoor application market has not been further developed, and the manufacturers have not made much achievements in product innovation. Moreover, compared with the LED glass screen, the LED lamp bar screen has more limitations. For example, as far as the permeability is concerned, the LED lamp bar screen is far less than the LED glass screen, and its installation environment is more stringent. Its service life is between 2 and 3 years, which is much shorter than the LED glass screen. In addition, as an outdoor advertising LED display screen, long-term exposure to wind and sunshine, tolerance has become an important factor to test such products, and the open structure makes the performance of the lamp screen in waterproof, dust-proof and other aspects difficult to be as convincing as the box-type LED display screen, which undoubtedly limits the wide application of the LED lamp screen. For the LED strip screen which sacrifices the point distance and obtains the hollow characteristic, the clarity is also its inherent insufficiency which cannot be overcome. This also means that the outdoor close application field LED strip screen is doomed to be difficult to tread. Such outstanding advantages make the LED glass screen instantly surpass the strip screen and become the preferred product in glass building and other application fields.

How to Develop LED Bar Screen under Intense Competition

Although the development of LED lamp screen is far behind the previous years, it has not achieved obvious advantages in the field of outdoor display, but it does not mean that there is no opportunity. If enterprises can persist in this situation, increase research and development according to the application scenario, and constantly seek breakthroughs in the technical level, they will have the opportunity to revitalize the LED lamp screen. On the one hand, LED strip screen should make great efforts in application scene innovation, combining with the characteristics of glass curtain wall, stage dancing, outdoor advertising and new retail applications; on the other hand, with the increasing demand of users for display products, screen thinning has become an inevitable trend, and because of the large area of LED screen, the steel structure and original building of the screen are obsolete. Structures are a big challenge. The manufacturers of LED lamp bars must also work hard on the appearance, volume and weight of products. The design of product boxes is lighter and thinner, which can effectively reduce the building load. At the same time, the transparency of LED lamp bars is improved to make the products safer and more beautiful.

Data show that by 2021, global outdoor advertising market share is expected to grow to 24%. According to CTR's latest advertising spending statistics, in the first half of 2018, China's outdoor advertising spending reached 13.675 billion yuan, an increase of 23% over the same period of last year, ahead of the growth of television, newspapers and other media, and outdoor advertising shows considerable market prospects. Although at present, the LED strip screen is occupied by the majority of the market by the LED glass screen, but with the expansion of the outdoor advertising market, even if the LED strip screen can not become the leading role in the field of outdoor display, I believe that the LED strip screen will also usher in a larger market.

As an innovative product of LED display industry, LED glass screen can be said to be a black horse killed in the market segmentation of LED display. Its emergence has brought many enlightenments to the LED display industry. Only by continuous innovation and progress, can enterprises survive and continue to grow, stand firm in the industry, and usher in the possibility of spring. In order to gain more market share, enterprises and manufacturers need to make greater efforts to improve the performance of products, innovate in more application scenarios, carry out market education, and make products more widely recognized in the market, so as to gain a place in the fierce competition of outdoor display market.