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What is the development direction of intelligent door lock?

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The rapid development of artificial intelligence has brought us more possibilities in the future, and the intelligent life that we had never imagined before has gradually become a reality. At present, the concept of intelligent door lock often appears in our vision. Unlike traditional door locks, it can be unlocked by fingerprint, iris, bluetooth, APP and other biological or new technology methods, thus avoiding the possibility of being locked by others and better protecting family property and personal safety. So to some extent, smart door locks keep keys firmly in the hands of users themselves.

It is precisely because of this advantage that this new industry, which started in the 1990s, can gradually penetrate into C-end users from B-end users with the help of the east wind of smart home. In fact, from the second half of 2015, intelligent door locks began to enter the stage of rapid development, and in 2017 ushered in a full-scale outbreak. With the rapid development of intelligent door lock industry, many traditional lock enterprises, household appliances, Internet and smart home enterprises have seen hope, and have devoted themselves to the emerging industry. Although the smart door lock industry is thriving, at the same time, the industry standards are confused.

I believe many friends find that the price of the same product can vary by thousands of yuan when they buy smart door locks on the Internet, and there are even frequent price changes, such as the price inquired today is far from the price of the two-day order. This is because the industry's supply chain system is not transparent, and there is no uniform standard for identification type, password level, chip and so on, which allows some enterprises to drill holes.

In fact, because there is no uniform standard, the problem of smart door lock is gradually highlighted. Generally speaking, intelligent door locks with higher quality will adopt the combination of super B class lock body and C class lock core. This kind of door lock takes 270 minutes to open, and the safety factor is very high. The control circuit in the panel includes structured light components, password control, WiFi chip, fingerprint identification and so on. Among them, fingerprint identification sensors are divided into optical identification, semiconductor identification and biometric identification. The highest safety factor is biometric identification, and its price is higher. Because ordinary consumers are not clear about these differences, some businesses sell optical sensors as biosensors; B-class locks as super-B-class locks; and B-class locks as C-class locks manufactured by the technology of B-class locks.

Not only that, but also the plagiarism of the smart door lock industry is very serious. I believe you have also found that many smart door locks have almost the same appearance, just different brands and prices. This is because many businessmen do not have their own R&D team. In order to catch up with the dividends brought by emerging industries, they choose to affix their own brand in the agent factory and then enter the market for sale. And many large enterprises, such as Samsung and Deshman, have been widely replicated, which has caused a lot of trouble to consumers and original enterprises. At the same time, the chaos of false propaganda is very common. Some merchants, in order to impersonate international brands, acquire locked factories facing closure in Europe and the United States, and then turn into century-old brands through a series of packaging to meet the psychological needs of consumers. In addition to brand packaging fraud, businesses will also exaggerate the product function, experience and other aspects of publicity, if the installation of inferior door locks, then the family's economic and personal safety will be threatened.

According to the results of spot checks issued by the General Administration of Market Supervision, at the end of 2018, of 34 batches of products from 34 door lock enterprises, 11 batches were unqualified, and the detection rate of unqualified products reached 32.4%. Among these products, some key indicators such as "anti-damage alarm function" were found to be unqualified. Door lock is an important defense line to ensure safety, and its performance naturally attracts much attention. We are delighted to find that intelligent door locks will usher in their own standards in the near future and better regulate the state of the industry as a whole.

It is reported that there are many bright spots in the group standard of intelligent door lock: this standard will fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, while allowing the whole industry to develop towards the sun, and will reflect the characteristics of consumers. In order to make our intelligent door locks meet higher standards, the main indicators will be in line with international standards. In terms of regulation, the standard will embody the characteristics of consumer social supervision, and make the role of consumers more diverse. They can be beneficiaries of the standard, and also become supervisors and participants in the implementation of the standard. In addition, in view of the worries that the non-fingerprint image has not been judged and caused by misidentification, small black box unlocking, information identification card does not have anti-duplication ability, password logic security issues and so on, this will also develop relevant standards to solve this problem, and in the implementation process will not increase the burden of enterprises and consumers, so that both sides can enjoy the standards. It brings convenience.

With the passage of time, intelligence has become an irreversible direction of development. Faced with such emerging industries, the timely emergence of standards can make the market more standardized, so that enterprises and consumers have confidence. I believe that in the near future, this new standard can let everyone predict the direction of development of intelligent door locks, so that consumers can enjoy different life experiences.