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Advanced Packaging Will Be a Subversion of Semiconductor Industry

The need for better integration, the end of Moore's Law, plus trends, transportation, 5G, consumer applications, memory and computational AI, and HPC... Driven by these factors, advanced packaging has entered its most successful era. Today's market is dominated by large IDMs, such as Intel and Samsung, the world's top four OSAT, and TSMC, a generation factory with packaging plants, which together account for 62% of the total market share of advanced packaging. In response to market demand, these leaders are working on a variety of new advanced packaging platforms, such as flip-chip BGA, fan-out packaging, 3D TSV and so on. Each platform has strong momentum, but has different potential and characteristics.

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Today, the two partners confirm that they will actively organize the fifth advanced packaging and system integration technology seminar. Yole and Huajin Semiconductor have combined their respective professional advantages and planned a meeting schedule directly related to the impact of the major trend of the advanced packaging industry.

Advanced Packaging and Systems Integration Technology Seminar will be held at Grand Mercure Shanghai Certificate Hotel at the end of this month. With its unique link with leading companies and experts in the industry, it will show five key areas of industry focus: AI and HPC, memory and computing, transportation, 5G and consumer applications. The organizing committee will launch about 20 inspirational speeches, two market briefings and a number of social networking links covering various topics...

In 2015, the fan-out packaging market is still small and mainly composed of standard devices, such as BB, RF and PMU. But after TSMC launched the market-shaking inFO for Apple's iPhone APE in 2016, the market value had increased four times by 2018. As a result, HD fan-out market segments have emerged, reducing the market share of OSAT.

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There is no doubt that the fastest-growing platform is Fan-Out Packaging, which has a compound annual growth rate of up to 25%, and its target applications have become diversified, beyond the consumer domain. Not only that, fanout packaging seems to be one of the most dynamic technologies again this year, although it still needs a wave of new cost cuts to spread more widely. With the efforts in panel size, once the industry has overcome strong challenges, this goal can be achieved. By 2024, fan-out market value will reach nearly 3.8 billion US dollars.