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The chip design capability has reached the international advanced level of 7Nm lithography machine.

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Semiconductor is a vigorously developed industry in China and one of the industries that domestic companies rely most on in the United States. Among the three links of design, manufacturing and packaging, domestic companies have developed well in sealing and testing industry. Jiangsu Changdian Technology is the third largest sealing and testing company in the world, and there are three domestic companies among TOP10 manufacturers.

At present, Taiji, Samsung and Intel have mass-produced 10nm and 7Nm processes. At present, the most advanced mass-production process in China is still 28nm. The 14/12nm process has not yet been formally mass-produced. The gap is at least two or three generations. High-performance chips rely more on advanced technology.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Government held a press conference. Vice Mayor Wu Qing and Chief Engineer Zhang Ying of the Shanghai Economic and Credit Commission introduced the main progress of Shanghai in accelerating the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence over the past five years and the plan of Shanghai to accelerate the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence in the future.

Wu Qing said that in 2018, the sales volume of Shanghai's integrated circuit industry reached 145 billion yuan, accounting for one fifth of the country's total. At present, we are making every effort to build an innovative high ground for integrated circuits.

According to Mayor Wu, in the field of semiconductor design, the R&D capacity of some enterprises has reached 7 nanometers, and Ziguang Zhanrui mobile phone baseband chip market share ranks third in the world.

In the field of semiconductor manufacturing, the annual sales of Zhongxin International and Huahong Group rank the first two in China. The 28-nanometer advanced technology has been mass-produced and the 14-nanometer technology research and development has been basically completed.

In the field of equipment and materials, SMEs and SMEs are in the leading domestic level. Strategic products such as etchers and lithographic machines have reached or approached the advanced international level.