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Vice President of China Semiconductor Industry Association: Despite the twists and turns of the road, the rise of China's domestic integrated circuit industry chain is still full of opportunities.

With the escalation of Sino-US trade frictions, whether in terms of market acceptance or future development, it will have more or less negative impact on the development of China's integrated circuit industry. It is important to know that the key technology is limited by the fact that the integrated circuit industry in our country is large but not strong. In this regard, Yu Xikang, vice-chairman of China Semiconductor Industry Association, pointed out that from the current industrial situation, China's integrated circuit industry is still at the middle and low-end level, reliability and quality are still far behind those of foreign countries. It is necessary to break through from equipment and materials, chip design, manufacturing and sealing. But for China's integrated circuit industry, which is seeking import substitution, it may become the biggest driving force.

As we all know, the IC industry is globally divided and internationalized. Due to the increase of uncertainties and various constraints, there will be more rugged road ahead for the government and private investment and the use of foreign investment in the "two-wheel drive" Chinese integrated circuit industry. It also affects the full exchange and cooperation of technology between China and foreign countries, and technological innovation will be affected to a certain extent. Some export-oriented semiconductor enterprises in our country will be affected by the uncertainties of decreasing orders from abroad, which will lead to the decline of exports, and then the production line of OEMs will be empty. In the case that the industrial chain can not be fully complemented, the key equipment and materials for production process still need to be supplied from abroad, and the logic of domestic substitution is difficult to fully realize in the short term.

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Yu Xikang emphasized that although the road of future development is still tortuous, in the long run, it may be an excellent opportunity for the development of China's semiconductor industry. Many deep-seated contradictions in industrial development will take this opportunity to solve some or even more of them. Therefore, we are still confident of the rise of the domestic IC industry chain.

Yu Xikang believes that the breakthrough of China's integrated circuit industry is on the way. Building a domestic supply chain on the basis of accelerating localization and forming a better self-supporting capacity will become an important issue and intensify its implementation. It can greatly promote the process of localization of integrated circuit production supply chain, especially the level of localization of domestic terminal application semiconductor integrated circuits, greatly enhance the self-innovation ability and enthusiasm of integrated circuit manufacturers, and gradually form a virtuous circle.

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Support the development of domestic EDA and other key tool software, accelerate the construction of integrated circuit infrastructure platform, and promote the training of integrated circuit talents. Forcing domestic EDA and other key tools and software to accelerate into the stage of large-scale application. Similarly, the development of integrated circuit industry can not be separated from the demand for basic platforms and integrated circuit talents. Therefore, the government should give sufficient policies on the construction of integrated circuit basic platforms and personnel training to further guarantee the design and development of integrated circuits.

We will increase investment and policy support in key areas and platforms of integrated circuits. In particular, we should vigorously increase the policy support for talents. In recent years, China's integrated circuit industry has welcomed a rare development opportunity driven by demand. While increasing investment, local governments should focus on key technologies and high-end links, concentrate on achieving substantive breakthroughs in China's integrated circuit industry, and avoid rushing in and duplicating investment.