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5G commercial ahead of time, is 4G mobile worth buying?

On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Radio and Television, which means that the 5G era is really coming. At this time, many friends who want to change planes in the near future have made it difficult: should we buy a 4G mobile phone? Or wait and buy a 5G phone?

Surely some friends will say, "buy new and not old, 4G is out of date, naturally wait for 5G mobile phones to come out and buy again". Although such a theory has some truth, it is not suitable for all friends in fact. Now let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of choosing 5G mobile phone. After reading it, you will know which mobile phone to choose.——

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The Benefits of Choosing 5G Mobile Phone

Get faster Internet speed. Before the advent of 5G era, technology reserve has naturally become one of the major mobile phone manufacturers and operators'muscle projects. Previously, there were rumors that the peak network speed of 5G could reach 20Gbps, but according to the tests of various manufacturers, it is not bad to reach one tenth of this figure. The 5G mobile phone in the hands of users in the early stage is expected to have a network speed of about 900Mbps. Of course, this number is still a heavenly and underground relative to 4G, which is about dozens of times faster than the speed of 4G

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The direct benefits are downloading dozens of MB files, such as songs and common APPs, which can be downloaded instantly; downloading large games, which can be 10 times or more reduced; watching the highest quality online videos, there is almost no buffer time, and the progress bar can be played immediately whenever it is pulled.

Of course, the advantage of 5G lies more in its function extension. At present, mature 5G applications should have cloud games and HD live broadcasting, because only these two applications have been shown in the experience area of large-scale exhibitions and related product launches before. It is speculated that cloud computers in the early 5G era should also be developed rapidly, but other applications that can quickly popularize are still unknown.

The worries of the first 5G mobile phones

In addition to the experience improvement brought about by the 5G mobile phone mentioned above, there are many worries about the 5G mobile phone in fact.——

Is the experience of 1G and 5G products good?

Compared with 4G network, 5G network has a qualitative improvement. For mobile phones, 5G network is not as simple as conventional hardware upgrade. It includes hardware layout, electromagnetic compatibility, antenna design, power consumption and heat dissipation. If these designs are not reasonable enough, it is difficult for 5G mobile phones to have a stable experience, and its performance can only stay at the gimmick level.

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Can the 5G mobile phone in the user's hand really experience excellence? How about its power consumption performance? Is it possible to access the Internet at a high speed for a long time? These questions will probably not be answered until the phone is actually available.

2. Is the experience improvement in exchange for more expensive prices equal?

Undoubtedly, the price of 5G mobile phone is higher than that of 4G mobile phone. Besides the high quality 5G modem, the upgrade considerations mentioned just now cost a lot. In fact, referring to the 5G mobile phones that have been released overseas, we can see the price increase. Moreover, the previous 5G mobile phones should be flagship products based on high-end hardware, and the domestic price of less than 6000 yuan is unlikely.

However, such a high price may only bring about an increase in network speed and a handful of external applications, and the input-output ratio may not be equal.

The coverage and cost standards of 3G and 5G networks may not be perfect in the initial stage.

Because the higher frequency millimeter wave is used in 5G network band, its propagation distance is not as good as that of 4G network, so the former macro base station is no longer applicable, because 5G may not have signal when it is far away. So if we want to promote 5G on a large scale, we need to lay a large number of micro-base stations. For the coverage of the whole city, it is relatively difficult.

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In addition, as the network speeds up, the current tariff standards for 4G networks naturally no longer apply. It is reported that the price in the early 5G era is similar to that in the 4G era, but the decline in unit price of flow rate is a trend. That is to say, the fees in the early 5G era may be more expensive, because 5G phones may have higher traffic consumption than 4G phones.

In conclusion, we can draw the following conclusion:

1. If you are a geek consumer, the first batch of 5G mobile phones will be suitable to start with, and their ultra-high network speed and new applications will become your excitement point.

2. If you are an ordinary consumer, it is better to start a 4G mobile phone now. Because the first batch of 5G mobile phones are expensive, ecologically imperfect and the use experience is not clear enough. It is suggested that we wait and see for a while, and the waiting period should be long enough to pass the replacement cycle of a 4G mobile phone.