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Intelligent step of security sub-areas is accelerated

In recent years, the depth of AI + security integration is accelerating. It has entered the stage of product upgrading and scene landing from the earliest concept popularization and technology competition. Intelligent security has become a major trend of current development.

1. The transformation and upgrading of security industry, intellectualization has become an inevitable trend of development.

The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Security Industry (2016-2020) points out that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the security industry will be transformed and upgraded to scale, automation and intelligence. By 2020, the total revenue of security enterprises will reach about 800 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%.

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The continuous release of policy dividends has greatly promoted the vigorous development of the industry. It is reported that by the end of December 2017, there were 1049 large-scale projects winning bids in China's urban video surveillance market (the winning sum is more than 5 million) with a total market size of 51 billion yuan, an increase of 95% over the market size of 2016. Among them, 96 projects, including Ping'an City and Xueliang Project, won over 100 million yuan, with a cumulative market size of 31.7 billion yuan; the number increased 88% compared with 2016, while the market size increased 158%.

At present, China's security industry has begun to transform and upgrade. Security manufacturers mainly based on traditional processing and manufacturing are gradually withdrawing from the historical stage. New security manufacturers pay more attention to high-tech fields such as biometrics, intelligent analysis and Internet security. "Artificial intelligence" has become one of the most remarkable characteristics of security industry. Whether the leading manufacturer or the emerging force of security industry, the concept of artificial intelligence has been introduced unanimously, and the security intelligent products with super scientific and technological sense have been introduced.

2. Accelerating the Intelligent Step in the Subdivisions of Security and Prevention

Police field: In recent years, with the continuous development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the efficiency of police officers has been greatly improved, from "sweat police" to "intelligent police". For example, the news that Zhang Xueyou captured the fugitives at the recent hot concert of "fugitive nemesis" is a good example of wise policing. It has become a reality to use face recognition technology to assist public security management in China. At present, the intelligent police system based on face recognition has achieved remarkable results.

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In fact, relying on AI, big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies, integrated high-definition video surveillance, industry cloud platform, police practical combat platform and other data, all-round deployment of efficient response and processing to support police business has become an important application of AI + security.

Road traffic field: With the large-scale interconnection of traffic junctions, a large amount of vehicle traffic record information has been generated, and the use of artificial intelligence technology can real-time analysis of urban traffic flow, adjust the traffic light interval, shorten the waiting time of vehicles and so on, which can greatly improve the efficiency of urban roads and alleviate urban congestion.

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The AI brain at the city level can grasp the real-time trajectory information of all the vehicles on the city road, as well as the parking information of the parking lot and the parking information of the district. It can predict the change of traffic flow and the change of parking space half an hour in advance, rationally allocate resources and guide traffic, and realize the large-scale traffic linkage dispatch of the airport, railway station, bus station and business circle. Improve the operation efficiency of the whole city, and provide guarantee for the smooth travel of residents.

Communication transmission field: the continuous development of 5G, cloud computing, sensor networks and other technologies accelerates the iteration of the communication industry. From the initial responsibility for communication networking between devices, it has developed into a new trinity of connection, perception and computation. As far as 5G network is concerned, its peak theoretical transmission speed can reach tens of gigabytes per second, which is hundreds of times faster than that of 4G network. This means that the whole ultra-high quality film can be downloaded in one second, which also puts forward higher requirements for the hardware products of transmission part.

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