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Kirin 8 chips are coming, Huawei Nova 5 will launch

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On June 21, Huawei launched a new Nova5 Series in Wuhan. At the same time, He Gang, president of Huawei's terminal mobile phone product line, announced that Huawei will release another 7nmSoC. It is widely believed that the SoC carried by Huawei Nova5 will be Kirin 8 series.

He Gang, president of Huawei's terminal mobile phone product line, announced on Weibo: "I am proud to say that we are about to become the first mobile phone brand in the world with two 7nmSoC chips at the same time!" See you in Wuhan on June 21. If Kirin 8 series chips are released, it will be the second self-developed chip with 7-nm process in Huawei.

At present, there are not many rumors about Kirin 810. According to the announcement, Qilin 810 will be an upgraded version of Qilin 710. With the 7Nm technology of TSMC, the capability of CPU and GPU will be further improved, and the NPU will also be greatly improved. It is believed that it will be more powerful than Kirin 710, but not much worse than Kirin 980.

According to competitors'current playing methods, Qualcomm not only launched 6 series and 8 series, but also launched 7 Series in the middle. On the one hand, this is to meet the needs of customer diversity and product positioning refinement, on the other hand, it is also conducive to more conducive to market segmentation. According to the positioning of Kirin 810, it is estimated that it is the 7 series chips of Standard and Qualcomm, and some models of Glory Prediction will adopt this chip to cope with the competition of OPPO, vivo and millet.

According to the information, this time, nova5 will launch three models: nova5Pro, nova5 and nova5i. The three new models are equipped with Kirin 980, Kirin 810 and Kirin 710 processors respectively. Other configurations will be differentiated in location.