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Only 3%! The gap between China's market share of global chip industry and the world's leading market is obvious.

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Chip market has always been an area that few people pay attention to but dominate the lifeline of current cutting-edge technology products. However, recently, ICInsights, an American data statistics company, published a statistical report on chip market data. 

Statistics show that in 2018, American chip companies still dominate the whole chip market, accounting for more than 50% of the global market. According to the data report, 

U.S. wafer-free chip companies account for 68% of the global sub-market share, while U.S. wafer-free chip companies account for 46% of the global sub-market share. The combined market share of the two companies is 52%, which has already occupied half of the market. Second only to the United States is South Korea, a traditional semiconductor powerhouse, which has a global market share of less than 1%, 35% and a total market share of 27%. 

South Korean companies saw a 26% jump in global sales as flash prices soared, exceeding the industry's average growth of 14%, according to the statistics company. The third is Japan, which has less than 1% and 9% of the global market share of wafer-free and wafer-free factories, respectively, with a total market share of 7%. The European Union ranks fourth, with a global market share of 2% for wafer-free plants and 7% for wafer-free plants, with a total market share of 6%. 

As for China's amorphous wafer factories/wafer factories, the global market share is 13%, 1%, and the total market share is 3%, which is clearly different from the world's leading ones. Moreover, China's mainland chip companies are mainly amorphous wafer factories, which need to rely on TSMC or Samsung to produce chips, which is also one of the constraints to the development of the domestic chip industry. 

The vigorous development of China's chip market and technology digital products shows a completely opposite result, which shows that most of our technology products chips are mainly imported at present. However, the development of chip market can see that we are currently working hard, but also need time and precipitation to accumulate.