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The Way of AI Self-improvement in China: Baidu Feiyao Hands in Hand with Huawei Kirin

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At the Baidu Create 2019 Baidu AI Developers'Conference held on July 3, Baidu Chief Technology Officer Wang Haifeng and Huawei Consumer BG Software President Wang Chenglu announced that Baidu Paddle Deep Learning Platform will cooperate with Huawei Kirin Chip in depth, and that both sides will cooperate with Huawei Kirin Chip in depth learning framework which they are good at. Kirin chips are the most powerful and fluent application experience in the AI era.

Baidu Paddle is the first deep learning platform in China. The deep learning framework is like the operating system, and is one of the most important links in intelligence. Huawei Kirin Chip is Huawei's self-developed chip platform. It integrates Huawei's AI architecture internally, pioneers the field of terminal-side AI computing in China. The newly built Kirin 810 processor integrates a new Da Vinci architecture NPU internally, equipped with Zhang Quantity's three-dimensional computing unit, which not only has high computing power, but also calculates. It has good versatility. AI Benchmark runs up to 32,280 points, nearly 30% ahead of Miaolong 855.

Baidu Baidu Feiling oar and Huawei Kirin will give full play to their respective advantages in software and hardware, in the following three areas of in-depth cooperation:

First, Baidu Paddle will fully dock with Huawei Kirin chip at the bottom of HiAI Foundation to maximize the chip hardware capability and provide the most powerful computing power for end-to-side AI.

Secondly, the two sides will work together to optimize the classical model, so that the equipment carrying Kirin chips can run more smoothly and provide users with excellent experience.

Thirdly, through the performance and functional requirements of the in-depth learning framework, the chip will continue to improve its computing power and drive the rapid evolution of the next generation of chips.

Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Consumer BG Software, said: "Kirin's deep docking with the paddle will provide the most powerful computing power for end-to-side AI. At the same time, the two sides will cooperate to explore the training and prediction of deep learning model based on the flying oar platform and Kirin chip. They will use the world's leading end-to-end AI chip and deep learning platform to create the best operating efficiency of deep learning, give full play to the advantages of hardware and software integration, promote more AI applications to the ground, benefit more users and make practical inferences. Move China's industrial intelligence.

Baidu Chief Technology Officer Wang Haifeng said that Baidu and Huawei have a long history of cooperation. In 2017, Baidu and Huawei signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. This time, Baidu Paddle and Huawei Kirin have reached a deeper level of cooperation, which will jointly explore the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence.