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Internet Conference observation: "China core" is driving into the fast lane

"Lack of core and less soul", once a short board of Chinese science and technology, is gradually turning around. At this "Internet light" Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Expo"), a number of "China core" developed by Chinese enterprises appeared. Among them, there are not only the light 800 with the world's strongest AI chip just released by Alibaba in September, but also the first 64 layer 3dnand flash memory in China that has been mass produced by Ziguang group, as well as Kunpeng 920, Huawei's data processing performance is 25% higher than that of its competitors.

In terms of image recognition, algorithmic reasoning, storage and other aspects, "China core" is emerging in large numbers, and its performance is more catching up. China's high-end chip design and manufacturing is entering a fast lane.

During the 2018 yunqi conference, Alibaba announced the establishment of an independently operated chip company, pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. I didn't expect that in just one year, Alibaba's chip strategy delivered a brilliant report card. Red Star News reporter saw at Alibaba booth of the Expo that Alibaba's first AI chip including light 800 booth, just released in September this year, attracted many technology fans to punch cards.

Also on display at Alibaba is a "heavyweight" product, SOC chip platform "Wujian". "The traditional general-purpose chip mode is more and more difficult to adapt to the needs of fragmented aiot (Internet of things) scenarios. Open source and openness are the general trend. What we are doing is to provide chip infrastructure in the age of aiot, so as to make chips more inclusive."

Xu Jing, director of Alibaba cloud's intelligent strategy development department in East China, introduced to Red Star news that in July this year, the first product of "pingtouge" xuantie 910 was launched. "Xuantie can be used to design and manufacture high-performance end-to-end chips, applied to 5g, artificial intelligence, automatic driving and other fields, and almost all systems can be connected." According to Xu Jing, xuantie 910 is developed based on risc-v open source architecture. Unlike Intel x86 in PC era and arm in mobile era, risc-v is completely open source and free. According to Alibaba, in terms of performance, xuantie 910 is more than 40% higher than the best risc-v processor in the industry.

"This structure is relatively new, and we are also gradually cultivating its ecology." According to Xu Jing, based on this consideration, Alibaba launched the SOC chip platform "sword free" in August this year. "This platform can share about 80% of the general design work of aiot chips, and let chip designers focus on the special design work." "The application effect of the sword free platform is beginning to show, which has reduced the R & D cycle of high-end chips by 50% and the cost by 50%," Xu said. Xu Jing uses the popular house building as a comparison. "It's equivalent to that we have built the foundation. Other chip design manufacturers only need to consider how to decorate and design. We hope to rely on this method to prosper the chip ecology in China. "

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As for the appearance of the light 800, it has more cross era significance. It deals with the GPU of image processing. "Its performance can reach 78000 pictures per second, 45 times the performance of the general GPU chip on the market at present. It can be said that it is far ahead in the world, ranking first. " Xu Jing said that even if the energy consumption is added, the performance of the optical 800 is 10 times that of the ordinary GPU chip. Xu Jing said that although the light 800 was just released in September, it will be used in the city brain. "Millions of vehicles and people flow analysis, the most important is the image analysis ability, which used to require dozens of chips, now one can be solved, and its application can change the whole industry." Xu Jingjing said that the light 800 was completely developed by Ali alone, and the R & D cycle was only one year.

Once upon a time, the market for memory chips was dominated by foreign companies. Fortunately, such a passive situation has been gradually broken in the past two years. At the Expo's Ziguang booth, Red Star News reporter saw the 64 layer 256 GB TLC 3D NAND flash based on the xtacking ® architecture which was just announced to be mass produced in September this year. As the first 64 layer 3dhand flash in China, this flash is slightly low-key displayed in the Ziguang booth, but its significance is extraordinary.

The person in charge of Ziguang booth introduced to Red Star news that Yangtze River storage 64 layer 3D NAND flash memory is the world's first flash memory product designed based on the xtacking ® architecture and realized mass production, with the highest storage density of the same generation of products. Xtacking ® enables the processing of peripheral circuits and memory cells on two separate wafers, which facilitates the selection of more advanced manufacturing processes. Why storage chips are so difficult to produce, and there are only four or five companies around the world that can produce them? The person in charge explained to the Red Star News reporter, "it has a large investment, a high technical threshold, and memory chips are designed and manufactured together. That is to say, if I want to make memory chips, it means that I must invest in building a factory. The design cost and cycle will be huge, and the factory investment is a high investment. "

"By introducing the xtacking ® architecture into mass production, we can significantly improve product performance, shorten the development cycle and manufacturing cycle, thus promoting the rapid development of the high-speed and large capacity storage solution market." The person in charge told Red Star news that the application scenarios of the storage chip will be very wide, "the mainstream markets such as solid-state disk, embedded storage can be applied, whether it is consumer class such as mobile phones, or enterprise class cloud servers, have its wide application scenarios." With the advent of 5g, artificial intelligence and large-scale data center, the demand of flash memory market will continue to grow. The mass production of Yangtze storage 64 layer 3dnand flash memory products will inject new power into the global memory market. "

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The person in charge also disclosed to Red Star news that on September 27, "Chengdu Ziguang integrated circuit industry fund" was officially established, which will mainly invest in Ziguang Chengdu memory manufacturing base project to support the construction and operation of the first phase of the chip factory. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the fund, Ziguang has launched several projects in Chengdu: Ziguang zhanrui has invested in building one of its three global headquarters and global R & D base in Chengdu; Ziguang's Xinhua three group has set up its national operation headquarters and R & D center of cloud computing business in Chengdu; Ziguang core cloud center has also landed in Chengdu.

In the 2019 leading scientific and technological achievement award issued by the sixth world internet conference yesterday (October 20), Huawei Kunpeng 920, as the industry's first 64 core data center processor compatible with arm architecture, was unanimously recognized by the judges of the conference and won the trophy for its high performance, high throughput, high integration, high energy efficiency and other characteristics. This is the first time Huawei has won this award after winning the prizes of Qilin 960 and shengteng 310 AI processors.

At the Huawei booth of the Expo, Kunpeng 920 was displayed at the entrance of the booth. Red Star journalists saw that many people showed great interest in Kunpeng 920. In fact, as early as January this year, when Huawei launched Kunpeng 920 processor, it has become the "Internet red" of the industry, media and industry.

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According to the relevant technical personnel in charge of the explanation of Kunpeng 920, under the typical dominant frequency, Huawei Kunpeng 920 is 25% higher than the mainstream processor in the industry. It has the advantage of high throughput. Compared with the mainstream processors in the industry, its memory bandwidth is 60% higher. Kunpeng 920 realizes "4-in-1" CPU, bridge chip, network and disk controller, which is "the most integrated data center processor in the industry". According to the technician, in the large-scale data center business practice, every 10000 servers based on Kunpeng processor can save 10 million kwh of electricity every year, and reduce 10000 tons of carbon emissions every year. According to the official data provided by Huawei to Red Star News reporter, the main frequency of Kunpeng 920 processor has been increased to 2.6GHz. Due to the use of self-developed processor core, Huawei has greatly improved the processor core performance and created a new record of computing performance by optimizing branch prediction algorithm, increasing the number of computing units, improving the memory subsystem architecture and a series of microarchitecture designs. "Up to now, it has been applied to the whole stack of IT infrastructure and services based on Kunpeng processor for customers in government, finance, operators, power, Internet and other industries," said the technician.

Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei cloud & AI products and services, revealed at the award site that it has been 15 years since Huawei began to invest in the research and development of the first embedded processing chip in 2004. At present, it has invested more than 20000 engineers, forming a basic chip family with "Kunpeng + shengteng" as the core. Hou also revealed that Huawei will continue to invest in chips at the pace of "mass production generation, R & D generation and planning generation".

Feiteng releases new chips

Further mastering the discourse power of desktop processor

Back to the scene of the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen in 2015, Feiteng released ft-1500a series processors compatible with arm instruction set. At this year's China Electronics and Qianxin joint exhibition stand, Red Star News reporters met the new generation of desktop processor ft-2000 / 4 released by Tianjin Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd. in September this year.

"If you want to compare Intel chips that are familiar to the public, Intel belongs to a single core chip. Its computing performance is relatively high, but it consumes a lot of power. We are not as good as Intel's computing performance on a single core, but the overall four core computing performance is equivalent to Intel's, but we are more energy-saving and lower energy consumption. In the current era of mobile Internet, whoever has low energy consumption will have more development potential and space. " The staff of China Electronic booth explained to the Red Star News reporter.

Ft-2000 / 4 general purpose computing processor chip integrates four ftc663 processor cores independently developed by Feiteng, which is compatible with 64 bit armv8 instruction set, 16nm process, with the highest main frequency of 3.0GHz and the maximum power consumption of 10W. Further narrow the performance gap with the international mainstream desktop CPU, and have unique innovation in built-in security.

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According to the staff, the PK system led by China Electronics has been optimized and upgraded for many times. The appearance of ft-2000 / 4 is a leap of P in the PK system. "P is the flying chip, K is the Kirin operating system. This combination, together with the whole machine of the Great Wall, constitutes a complete industrial chain." At present, there are many application scenarios of Feiteng chip, including desktops, laptops and servers.

In December last year, all the equipment used in the international women's E-sports Championship held in Chengdu was provided by China Electronics. "Our chips, systems and complete machines are used, and the competition effect is perfect, without any stumbling, slugging or dropping." The staff also said that the second international women's E-sports Championship will be held in Chengdu in December this year, "and we will also use all our domestic products." Staff proudly revealed.

At present, the 5g era is coming. The traditional Internet is developing towards many new fields, such as the Internet of things, big data, edge computing, blockchain and so on. Infinite possibilities give "China core" a new opportunity to overtake. "China core" is in the ascendant, I believe they will more and more "walk up".