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Top Microelectronics丨There is a kind of happiness called "outreach training"


From April 27th to April 28th, the company organized all employees to carry out a two-day, one-night outdoor outreach activity. The purpose is to build us into a team that is more honest, united, creative and combative. The training team tailored a training program for us and guided by professional coaches to fully integrate the training project with the actual work, so that everyone in the team can enrich themselves in the experience, experience personal team, and the company grows together. .

The activities included opening ceremony, broken bridges at high altitude, double iron cables, process management, support for the front line, appreciation, and the absence of life. There were 29 campers. In just a few minutes after grouping, the team members brainstormed to determine the captain, team call, and team song. They performed PK through the group style display, and finally determined the “winning team” and “braveheart”. The team "two teams, everyone dressed in uniform team uniforms, showed high spirits of our team.

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One:high altitude broken bridge

The project is to set up a single-wood bridge at an altitude of 8 meters above the ground. The middle of the bridge is broken. The distance is 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters. It requires all the players to climb up to an altitude of 8 meters and then go from one side to the other. On the other side, he came back from the other side and returned to the original road to ask the players to complete the two leaps.

Although the body was covered with safety protection measures, but jumped in the sky, everyone had more or less fear, from the pole to the top of the horizontal plate is a great test, jump from the horizontal bar It is a psychological challenge, especially female employees. Some of the companions were flushed from pale to pale, and some of them were afraid to stand. Some stood for a long time and dared not leap.

Under the leadership of the captain, we "refueled" each participating team member and watched them climb one by one to the rickety high pole. Then they kept shouting their names and clapping loudly every step. As a result, the 29 team members successfully completed this training. Finally, everyone celebrated their success and victory with warm applause.


Two: high altitude wire

In an altitude of 8 meters without passing through the air, each person must pass a 6-meter-long steel wire. Only two ropes are fixed. Two people hold their arms together to reach the end.

The difference from high altitude broken bridge is that this requires two people to work together to complete the test, test everyone's cooperation and persistence, we find a good partner, a group of a group of turns challenge, everyone has the following big guarantee two guarantees three guarantees four challenges The ropes behind the players ensure everyone's safety. When each group of challengers reaches high altitude, the backing of the support from teammates is heard, reminding the challenger of the kind of pride, trust, and the kind With confidence and courage, my heart is relieved a lot and my inner fear has diminished. After the completion of the high-altitude project, we formed a circle to share our feelings about this training program. We generally realized that mutual trust between people and mutual trust between team members is the basis for doing work and doing business. No trust, no team, everything will become empty talk.

Imagine if there were no protectors who were still tightly pulling their ropes even if their hands were red, this would be an impossible task. Imagine if there were not the team’s hands that both raised high and raised their protection. Stunning results. A viable plan, united and united, and making concerted efforts, the long-standing move blurred the eyes of everyone.


Three: process management

In the first round, all the players were lined up, holding the baton, and arriving at the finish point from the position designated by the coach while ensuring that the table tennis ball was not dropped. The second round is the same process of replacing the table tennis ball with water for transmission. This project allows us to discover:

1. Every employee is a "chain" of the company's operations. It is very important. When any job is completed, it is necessary to consider whether or not your next "chain" can be successfully accepted.

2 rhythm. Do not have to be greedy and quick, controlling the rhythm is very important, everything is only for the final victory.

3 Command. A team must have a unified command.

4 cooperation. When your peers have problems, be reminded in time to ensure common success.


Four:support frontline

The coach asked each captain to sit on stage. The other team members provided items to the captain as requested by the coach. The team that first collected the items won. Items will be something quite difficult to find. For example: 5 meters long shoelaces, a sock knitted necklace, a 2 meters long hair, domestic mobile phone 3, jeans 3 ... ...

The opening coach said a scene simulation story, when the coach said "in front of an emergency" all the players answered "back support"; the coach said "captain needs" and all the players answered "what is needed." The coach said something, and the team members found such items in their team and safely delivered them to the captain in front of the stage. Even though the activity was in the evening, everyone’s passions did not diminish and remained in full swing. Among the coach’s supplies were “Frog”, “Mermaid”, “Sun Wukong,” “The opposite sex.” These characters were the players who dressed up and the frog mermaid. The auction was conducted and the team captain, Sun Wukong and the other person's own simulation scene performed a story for everyone, setting off the climax of the scene and cheering applause. In the end, the dance "Little Fruit" brought to you by the coach ended the first day of the event.


Five: The Da Vinci Code

There are 13 replayed playing cards in front of each group (the 1-K order has been disrupted) and need to be turned one by one in the order in which the fastest team wins.

This project tests everyone’s thinking ability and tests the importance of teamwork. Team members perform pk and turn the disrupted poker cards up and down in the fastest speed. As time progresses, difficulty projects are repeated again and again. The increase, the first few pk per team player can rely on their ability to quickly complete, but the final difficulty is deepened, the replayed poker is no longer tiled on the desktop, and superimposed, this time the two groups of players once After the experiment, it was found that all cooperation was necessary before they could be carried out. So the team quickly discussed and each team sent a player to look at the cards, telling them the position and number of the cards, and the players were lined up one after another. Then they went up to reveal more cards of the team. Although the process was very tense, the legs were shaking when they ran up, but when the coach declared success in each round, there was no substitute for that moment of joy.

Six: no life

This is a very painful game. We must write down the names of the five most important relatives in our lives. When we want to cross out the name of a person who must die, everyone seems to be hard to decide. When we asked us to cross out the second person who must die, some members shed tears. They said one after another: "The coach, I can't stand it!" "The coach, don't!" Then, once more brutally, crossed out one person important to us and saw our painful expression, the coach said. : "This game is really cruel to you. But you have to remember that bad luck is something that nobody is willing to endure, but the arrival of bad luck is not going to be greeted by anyone. When the bad luck comes, what should we do? Right? What do you need to do now?” At this time, the expression of dignified we know how to cherish and gratitude from the heart, when we are still able to accompany the more important people to accompany it.


The coach also organized us to carry out teamwork and talks on topics such as “responsibility and responsibility” and “leadership”. “Let’s understand a lot,

Appreciation is basically a respected, approved, and praised thirteen flying knives that allow you to quickly build affinity, what you really need, whether you really have nothing, through this activity, let everyone build up good interpersonal relationships with each other; commitment and responsibility Importance, significance of leadership, etc.

The two days and nights of outreach training combined with body and brain cooperation, orderly, brilliant smiles, hearty laughter, touching tears fixed in the expansion base, and will always be left for this tranquil early summer and our deep minds , let us feel the greatness of group power. As a team, we experienced a series of experiences to overcome fears, shared the joy of a moment of success, and completed a new understanding of ourselves. We defeated our own demons and experienced psychological problems from the great fear of the heart to fearlessness. With the physiology test, we have truly realized the goal of self-knowledge, self-challenge, and self-surpassing. We have also smelt a strong, united and outstanding team!... Everyone at Töller Microelectronics is not afraid of unexpected teamwork ability. Difficult challenge spirit completed all activities. The successful conclusion of this event not only made everyone realize that a good team relied on solidarity and mutual trust, but also cultivated a sense of responsibility and quality that everyone should have.

This training is like a mirror at a time, so that everyone re-learned about themselves and saw many deficiencies and improvements. Every project in the training will enable everyone to comprehend the details and flexibility that should be noticed in daily work, realize in training, and benefit from understanding. We must pass on this experience and make it our company. A valuable spiritual wealth!